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This section of my web pages provides information about the model railroad equipment services that I provide.

To all my customers, please note that I have moved from California to Oregon.

The contact info section has been updated; my email and phone number did not change, only the address changed.

Here is more information about the move.

Most of my work is in 2-rail O scale. I do some S and HO scale work if the nature of the job does not require an operational test (see the description of testing in the custom drives section that is linked to below.)

These pages will be revised from time to time to add photos of selected recently completed projects.

The following sections provide detailed information on the services I provide. Please click on the colored section of any item below to go to the pages for that item.

Please note: Some locos/projects I will not work on! I have learned from many years in this business that some locomotive projects are to be avoided. There are many reasons, e.g., the incomplete custom built loco that is nicely done as far as the builder went but with some design/construction errors, or the cheaply built imported loco whose design, fabrication, and assembly quality requires costly extra effort to work with, or the import that has been worked on by someone who either made a mess of it or who created something that was never meant to be worked on, which you may be asking me to do. There are many more examples but every time I start to list them the list turns into a boring rant, so I have spared you that. Please, just call me to discuss your loco, even if it is a recent import. Lastly, even if I take the job on, I may get into it and determine that the effort on my part and cost to you will far exceed what we have discussed. In which case I will restore the project to the condition it which it came to me and invoice you for the cost to return it to you. Sorry, but life is too short, and if that silk purse is a sow's ear, it is better to know that sooner than later.

  • OVERVIEW of my business (please read it if you want to do have me do work for you.)

  • CUSTOM DRIVE SYSTEMS for locomotives.

  • MAX GRAY SP 2-6-0 UPGRADE PROJECT for locomotives.



  • REPAIR AND UPGRADING of locomotives.

  • SELECTED COMPLETED PROJECTS including descriptions and photos.

  • DCC systems and decoder sales, and decoder and sound installation.

  • 12 VOLT DC MOTORS that are available from me. These motors are in use in personal locomotives; e.g., I know they work for O scale locos. Each motor's specifications include current and max RPM. Recommended DCC decoders for each motor are also listed.

  • PARTS that are available from me:

  • TECHNIQUES that I use both on customers' and personal models.

  • ADMINISTRATIVE matters such as my rate structure, getting a job into my backlog, shipping suggestions, etc.

  • MY PERSONAL LAYOUT which also serves as the test track for standard gauge locos.

  • O SCALE ITEMS FOR SALE. All items are personal unless the description indicates otherwise.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about what you read in these pages:


    Interested in learning more about 2-rail O scale? Please visit the O Scale Kings web pages.

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